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Black Panther Trailer


Last Jedi Poster Hoopla

Yesterday in star wars hoopla, some fan found a “secret” image in the poster.

Oh. Ooo. Darth Vader, how trite. Stroke stroke splat. 

Today though I saw the real secret image and now we see who Supreme Leader Snoke really is.

Speaking of Snoke, I thought this was a funny guess at who he might be.

Anyway, I will of course go see this on opening night but the first trailer left little enthusiasm for me. If you didn’t see it here you go.

Last Jedi Trailer

Well I will hand it to Disney, at least this time they were honest about it being boring in the trailer. The Force Awakens fooled me into being excited for a steaming pile of crap, this one tells me right up front what it is.

Oh well, looks like Disney is just happy putting out crap in the Star Wars and Marvel Universes now because they are money making machines.

Good-bye quality writing, storytelling a day directing. Hello formulaic retreads.